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7 inch Android 2-in-1 swivel Soundlogic Xt tablet Review

March 9, 2012

I had my eye on a convertable android laptop on Ebay. To my dismay I couldn’t find any information on it. No reviews, no customer comments, no hands on video, nothing. I took a chance on buying the tablet, if for no other reason than to write a review I’ve never written a review before so bear with me.


Android 2.2 800 Mhz single core 256 Ram 4GB storage Touch screen (capacitive AND resistive) Wifi b/g 3G dongle support File viewer Document viewer Screenshot function


2 usb ports

SD card slot




Dc jack

I had an Acer 10 inch tablet and never left home with it because it was too big, this I can leave home with. Upon taking it out of the box I get instant impressions, cheap plastic, not upgradeable. I had to test its swivel hinge before anything else, it resisted converting into tablet mode, but not enough to concern me. The screen orientation must be changed manually. There are no sensors other than touch. I have yet to come across an Android device that does everything I want without adding apps. Time to customize… no google marketplace. It does have 2 other markets, thats something to work with, but I spent hundreds with Google and wanted my apps. No bluetooth to receive apps either. I’m a techie and I now have my Google Marketplace apps without the marketplace. It involved a micro sd card, sd adapter,a backup from my android phone to micro sd. I also did it from dropbox, but had to get dropbox on the device first. Charging from 15% to full battery took what felt like forever. By morning I discovered that it never turns off. Right out of the box some settings needed adjusting. No big deal. This thing charged all night. It’s 1.5 hrs after unplugging it and a half hour of use, half the battery icon is gone. It has a picture viewer but no camera, at least you can view pics from your sd card or usb storage. It’s screen is both capacitive and resistive, it does pinch to zoom which impressed me. It has an unimpressive voice recorder, but to be honest due to no camera and a mic jack, I was surprised that it has a microphone somewhere. I dont know where the mic is and yes, I looked for it, but the speakers are on the bottom which is the most idiotic place to put them. I suspect the hole on the bottom under another hole labeled “reset” is the microphone and that would explain the difficulty receiving sound. I’m impressed with the video player, it shows thumbnails of the videos and even plays .flv and .mov formats. Take note that the sd card goes in upside down, put it in wrong like me and you’ll have a hard time pulling it out. It has a file viewer and document viewer. I was impressed by that because the Acer Iconia has neither out of the box. There is no hardware for adjusting the volume. The volume and screen orientation icons are on the taskbar at the top of the screen along with another impressive feature, an icon for screen shots. My other devices can’t take screenshots. I may keep the device just for screenshots. I haven’t been able to get Netflix to play anything, but Crunchyroll plays smoothly. Youtube plays fine as well, but only from the Youtube app. The device claims to have 4GB storage and it does, just that its reserved most of it for itself, leaving 1.77GB for the user. That’s not a problem for me because I use a 16GB micro sd card with adapter. The mouse pad is very responsive. The flatness of the keyboard keys is annoying and makes it difficult to type. Dont get any ideas about touch typing with the onscreen keyboard either. Although the tablet is both capacitive and resistive, the resistive is dominant and capacitive requires a firm touch. I have preferred resistive screens because they allow me to use my fingernail and write with a pointed stylus like a pen, but capacitive is better for webpages and people without fingernails, with this device I dont have to choose. I am a mixture of disappointed and impressed by this device. Knowing what I know now I’m not sure what my purchasing decision would have been.


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  1. Theresa permalink

    So how do you feel about it now? Just bought one for $137 which I figured is a good deal, even for a cheap tablet. Boyfriend is always on the road, working on construction sites because he’s overseeing installs of custom framing and glass work. I’ve wanted to get him something smaller & lighter to carry with him that he can display his drawings on easily but doesn’t have to use the CAD programming. There are droid apps that will work but I didn’t want to spend a lot if it would get dropped/crushed/stolen the 1st month out! He’s very “techie” and used to dealing with glitchy software and hardware but agreed with me about keeping the 1st

    • Well, about 30 minutes to an hour after posting that review, the tablet calibration went bad and recalibration did nothing but fail making touch input useless. Resetting the tablet to factory settings fixed the issue, but it never again was able to detect wireless networks. I paid $250 for mine and returned it for a refund. $137 IS a good price, though. The local Maxway store seems to be selling them for $125 and at that price I might give it another shot. I still think it’s a cool tablet, but based on my experience I can’t recommend it. After getting my refund I purchased a different tablet, the Asus Transformer Prime and a week later I purchased the dock which turns out to be a great buy for me. I’m planning to insure the tablet and dock against damage and theft at I’ve insured an expensive laptop with them before and I can give them a thumbs up for prompt responses to claims. If I only had $100 to spend I’d save for a few more and buy that tablet again despite the issue I had with it, I think it can be a good tablet, but the stiff swivel with no indication of which way to turn it is a concern.

  2. Brianna permalink

    I got my tablet yesterday in the mail. I bought it for $120 off of eBay; figuring it was a really good deal. But, I am having issues getting any of my accounts set up. It keeps telling me to check the network connection or that it can’t connect to the server. Just wondering of you would be able to tell me if you experienced the same thing or if you could tell me what I need to do?

    • I didn’t have that issue with tablet, but have had that issue with other devices. I don’t know what causes it so it’s difficult to say what to do, but the issues have been solved with all my devices. I think it’s an issue with a device trying to get a phone signal versus using a wireless connection. The 3g or tethering options on Android exists even on some devices that aren’t intended to be phones. I’d try doing a factory reset on it or clearing the google marketplace cache if you’re certain that your connection isn’t the issue. When that didn’t work I created my marketplace accounts within the gmail app which still didn’t get marketplace to work, but the issue resolved itself after a factory update sent to my device I suppose. I think it’s just a conflict which would require patience in continuing to re-initialize the device until it figures itself out. Also, I’ve tried disabling and re-enabling the wireless on the device and reset the network by unplugging your modem and wireless router for 20 seconds. I’ve had the issue several times and it’s hard to say what worked since factory updates don’t come so often.

  3. ki boo permalink

    does the swivel have camera

    • A camera seems like something worth listing if it had one. I didn’t list it so I’m pretty sure it didn’t have one, plus in my brief memory of playing with the device I don’t recall one. I sent mine back because it was defective. I don’t want to speak negatively of the device because it was fun while it lasted for that 20 or so hours. I paid $250 for mine, if I had gotten a good deal like a little over $100 I may have wanted a replacement.

  4. Maurice permalink

    If ANYONE is having issues with the ” Android 2.3 7 inch 2 in 1 Swivel Netbook and Tablet in one” I finally found Callback info AND an address which I will share with everyone.

    847-290-1734 and 866-815-4714 (printed cust svc line sent out with products purchased) actually ring to location 905. S. Westwood Ave, Addison IL 60101

    2911 Old Higgins Rd.
    Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
    United States

    Midwest Trading Group, Inc is the manufacture of this device, They only offer 90 day warranty on the tablet

    • Michelle permalink

      thank you so much I am havin many problems and just took it out of the box. I cant get it past the android screen.

  5. ed barnes permalink

    I also have serious reservations about this unit – likely it is to flawed it should never have been even put on the market PERIOD. I bought it this week at the local Big Lot for $99.95 Soundlogic XT SN3-3/5718 which I assume is an upgrade from the 5577 Amazon is selling for $117 today and also poorly rated. I tried for over 2 hours just to get it to recognize my home Wii with no success. NOTHING. The next morning took it to the library and asked the computer tech guy for assistance. He said he had never seen anything like it and since part of his job is getting the townships 60,000 residents computer literate I was even more discouraged with my purchase.

    The tech did get the unit to recognize the library Wii but and it was able to connect for just a few minutes, just long enough for the clock to be reset. When I attempted to reach it immediately displayed a Forced Close message. The machine thereafter would not redisplay any icons or would it permit me to go to return to other netbook options. it essentially froze. I restarted the unit and from then on the Wii registering error, it would not connect at all, it could not even locate the Wii signal 20 minutes before it had been connected to.

    Directions are just a few pages, so seemingly it should be rather intuitive its operation. I did read the instructions careful once before starting and twice afterwards. Since 1995 I have used the internet averaging 2 hours a day. Not an accomplished computer person but fairly proficient in routine use. The Soundlogic keyboard although small seemed easy to work on just the icons never seem to respond to clicks, enter key or the mouse. Essentially after 4+ hours I was not able to accomplish a single thing. For those who’s unit does recognize Wii and the keyboard doesn’t freeze up with the Forced Close message, the only thing that got me from one icon to the other was using the right, left, down up arrows and then the left click button. The Intruction Manual front page indicated a Stylus pen was part of the package contents but none was in my box, nor did the Instruction Manual make mention of it. I relied on the keyboard to navigate cause that is all the Instruction Manual mentioned although the box and pictures in the Instruction Manual showed people using the touch screen. It is totally baffling that units like this would be even sold.

    Several weeks ago I had read up on these smaller units priced much higher expecting that come the Christmas season the prices would drop. In the last weeks any unit priced below $200 sold out in hours so I knew I was buying it blind HOWEVER still would of expected some degree of use to be gotten from it. My unit was so flawed even the simpliest task I was unable to accomplish after four hours so it will be returned. I will call the above listed Soundlogic Customer Service but have no expectation they can do anything and should they get the machine running will return to the site to post.

    • jessirayer permalink

      sadly same thing here!!! had it since christmas and cant get it connected at all!!! did you ever get yours to work and if so how did you do it? this is driving me crazy!

  6. TED BORGES permalink

    I have a problem my netbook will not be able to turn but I try to reset it but none it will not so I can access e-mail and all other thing My nextbook is a Crystal View tm XT model no KSUmpco702k sku887163 please a more detail on get to work.. Also can you see if you could put lifescript pen

  7. PeggyAnderson permalink

    Can’t turn net book /tablet on. Locked up. Help

  8. jessirayer permalink

    i got one for christmas but i still cant connect to the wifi it comes on then it kicks off i cant get it to work right, any ideas?

  9. Jascian Glass permalink

    I was just handed one of these units (SoundLogic xt – ks-umpc070zk) and all it does is come on show me a penguin and then shows word android_ at bottom of screen. and reset button does nothing.

  10. Neshiia permalink

    How do you factory reset it??

  11. teresa permalink

    mine went off an want come back on what do i do

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